Cheap Shatter Canada: Top 10 Dispensaries 2023

cheap shatter canada

Last updated on November 1st, 2023

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Cheap Shatter Canada 2023

I’ve conducted a comprehensive study of the Canadian Online Dispensary landscape, focusing specifically on the pricing for 1-gram quantities.  Further down, you can see pricing for various quantities and the most cost-effective price per gram for bulk orders.  Please keep in mind that all these prices DO NOT include Shatter that is ON SALE to keep this report consistent.

Tables Of Cheap Shatter Price Comparisons

Table: Top 10 Cheap Shatter Dispensaries Summarized

Online Dispensary Price of 1g Price per Gram for 1g Price of 7g Price per Gram for 7g Price of 14g  Price per Gram for 14g Price of 28g Price per Gram for 28g
Bulkweedinbox $15 $15 $70 $10 $130 $9.29 $250 $8.93
Ganjawest $15 $15 $85 $12.14     $250 $8.93
Wccannabis $15 $15 $95 $13.57 $180 $12.86 $350 $12.5
Get Kush $22 $22 $120 $17.14 $220 $15.71 $400 $14.29
Weedsmart $27 $27 $125 $17.86 $400 $28.57 $400 $14.29
Togo Weed     $150 $21.43 $400 $28.57 $400 $14.29
Green Society $20 $20         $400 $14.29
BC Bud supply $23 $23     $470 $33.57 $470 $16.79
Buy My Weed Online – Top shelf     $192 $27.43 $350 $25 $644 $23

Table: Top 10 Cheapest Shatters (1 Gram)

Online Dispensary Price of 1g Shatter (CAD) Photo
Bulkweedinbox $15 cheap shatter canada bulkweedinbox
Wccannabis $15 cheap shatter canada wccannabis
Ganjawest $15 cheapest shatter canada ganjawest
Green Society $20 cheap shatter canada green society
Get Kush $22 cheap shatter canada get kush
BC Bud Supply $23 cheap shatter canada
Cannabismo $25 cheap shatter canada cannabismo
West Coast Supply $25 best shatter canada west coast supply
Herbapproach $25 cheap shatter canada
Weedsmart $27

cheap shatter canada


What is Shatter?

Shatter is a translucent, often amber-colored, cannabis concentrate that looks like thin glass. When dropped, it shatters, hence the name. It’s known for its high potency, which can provide quicker and stronger effects than traditional cannabis flower.

Cannabis concentrates, especially shatter, have gained immense popularity in Canada over recent years. Not only do they offer a more potent experience than traditional flower, but they’re also more convenient and versatile. However, pricing can be somewhat enigmatic, and consumers often find themselves in a labyrinth of options without clear guidance. This blog aims to dissect the cost landscape of shatter across various Canadian dispensaries based on the recent data collected.


Our team has meticulously researched shatter prices across nine leading dispensaries in Canada, focusing on the price for varying quantities: 1 gram, 7 grams, 14 grams, and 28 grams. The collected data was tabulated, and per-gram costs were calculated to offer a comparative outlook.

Key Findings

Price Variation

  • For 1-gram quantities, the price ranged from as low as $15 to as high as $27.
  • For 7-gram quantities, prices fluctuated between $70 and $192.
  • When considering 14-gram purchases, the prices ranged from $130 to $350.
  • For bulk buyers looking at 28-gram options, the range was $250 to $644.


  • Bulkweedinbox‘ and ‘Ganjawest‘ offered the most cost-effective rates at approximately $8.93 per gram for a 28-gram purchase.

  • Buy My Weed Online – Top shelf’ emerged as the most expensive option, with prices scaling up to $23 per gram for the same 28-gram purchase.

Why the Price Variance?

Shatter prices can vary based on several factors:

  1. Purity & Potency: The concentration of THC or CBD can affect the price. Higher concentrations typically fetch higher prices.

  2. Production Method: The method used to extract and produce the shatter can influence its price.

  3. Brand Reputation: Established brands or dispensaries can sometimes command higher prices due to perceived quality and trustworthiness.

  4. Regional Costs: Operating costs, taxes, and other regional factors can also play a role in pricing.

Table: Top Cheapest Shatters (7 Grams)

Online Dispensary Price of 7g Shatter (CAD) Price per Gram (CAD)
Bulkweedinbox $70 $10
Ganjawest $85 $12.14
Wccannabis $95 $13.57
Get Kush $120 $17.14
Weedsmart $125 $17.86
West Coast Supply $140 $20
Cannabismo $150 $21.43
Togo Weed $150 $21.43
Buy My Weed Online – Top shelf $192 $27.43

Table: Top Cheapest Shatters (14 Grams)

Online Dispensary Price of 14g Shatter (CAD) Price per Gram (CAD)
Bulkweedinbox $130 $9.29
Wccannabis $180 $12.86
Get Kush $220 $15.71
Weedsmart $225 $16.07
Togo Weed $240 $17.14
BC Bud supply $260 $18.57
West Coast Supply $270 $19.29
Buy My Weed Online – Top shelf $350 $25

Table: Top Cheapest Shatters (28 Grams)

Online Dispensary Price of 28g Shatter (CAD) Price per Gram (CAD)
Bulkweedinbox $250 $8.93
Ganjawest $250 $8.93
Wccannabis $350 $12.5
Get Kush $400 $14.29
Weedsmart $400 $14.29
Togo Weed $400 $14.29
Green Society $400 $14.29
BC Bud Supply $470 $16.79
Buy My Weed Online – Top shelf $644 $23

Highlights from Select Dispensaries


This dispensary consistently ranks as one of the most cost-effective options across all quantities. The 28-gram option is particularly enticing, priced at a mere $8.93 per gram.

cheap shatter canada bulkweedinbox


While also competitive in pricing, especially at lower quantities, their 28-gram option is priced at $12.5 per gram, making it a middle-of-the-road option for bulk buyers.

cheap shatter canada wccannabis

BC Bud supply

They offer moderate to high pricing tiers but do not lead in any particular category. Their 28-gram shatter price comes out to $16.79 per gram.

bc bud supply buy cheap shatter online

Buy My Weed Online – Top shelf

This dispensary represents the premium end of the spectrum, with prices for 28 grams of shatter scaling up to $23 per gram.

buy cheap shatter canada

Recommendations for Consumers

  1. Bulk Buying: Given the per-gram price tends to decrease with larger quantities, consumers should consider bulk buying if regular use is anticipated.

  2. Quality over Price: While cost is a significant factor, consumers should not compromise on quality. Always read reviews and possibly test smaller quantities before making bulk purchases.

  3. Promotions and Discounts: Keep an eye out for seasonal promotions, loyalty programs, or membership discounts that several dispensaries offer.

Final Thoughts

Canada’s shatter market offers a wide range of options for consumers, from budget-friendly choices to premium selections. As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, we expect to see further diversification in products and prices. As always, consumers are encouraged to do their research, consider product reviews, and consult professionals if unsure about what to purchase.

Whether you’re new to shatter or a seasoned enthusiast, Canada’s market has something to cater to every taste and budget. Remember to consume responsibly and stay updated with market trends to get the best deals!

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