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Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Weedpedia's Review

Last updated on November 20th, 2023

Bud Cargo is one of Canada’s top options for accessing premium cannabis online, and our in-depth review delves into what makes them stand out. This Vancouver-based operation provides speedy delivery of superior cannabis products throughout Canada.

BudCargo, like its counterpart, champions the therapeutic potential of medical marijuana for treating illnesses and offering numerous health benefits. They are committed to supplying both medicinal and recreational users with top-tier medical-grade marijuana at accessible price points.


  • Exemplary craft online dispensary.
  • Regular sales and promotions.
  • Expansive product assortment.
  • Unrivaled commitment to client care.

BudCargo Review Summary:

Ordering from BudCargo ensures a stress-free experience. Their system is user-friendly, and their stealthy packaging was beyond reproach. The contents were undetectable unless one knew what to look for, and it arrived neatly and professionally sealed, fitting snugly in a standard mailbox. Each strain was clearly identified, removing any possibility of mix-up.

BudCargo stays abreast of industry trends and is dedicated to ongoing education to ensure they deliver the finest advice, service, and products.

Product Reviews:

Black Diamond: The strain boasted medium-sized buds adorned with white crystal trichomes, dark green hues, and a compelling diesel and earthy scent. When used, it offered a smooth, slightly arid taste, and when vaped, it left a sweet berry afternote. It induced happiness and euphoria but was also sedating, ideal for treating various ailments, including sleep disorders and chronic pain.

Supreme Nuken: Featured large buds with striking green shades and bright pistils, this strain had a sweet, earthy aroma. Combustion released a smooth, earthy smoke, while vaping yielded a thick vapor with spicy, minty undertones. It’s suitable for evening use, offering relaxation and relief from chronic pain.

Red Lemon Congo: A sativa-dominant hybrid with notable THC levels, it combined forest and sage greens with orange pistils. Its lemony aroma translated into a complex smoke and vapor flavor profile, making it an excellent daytime choice for energy and focus.

Master Yoda: This balanced hybrid presented sage and lime green buds with a sweet, citrus fragrance. Smoking produced a smooth, earthy smoke, whereas vaping highlighted a minty citrus aftertaste. It’s powerful, relaxing, and suitable for evening use.

Purple X God: The large, dense buds were covered in trichomes and had a sweet, musky aroma. Smoking yielded an earthy, berry flavor, while vaping offered an herbaceous note with a spicy finish. This strain brought euphoria and pain relief, ideal for nighttime use.


BudCargo shines in offering fresh, well-cured cannabis, a thoughtfully curated product range, and an easy-to-navigate website paired with prompt customer service. The team at Weedpedia highly recommends BudCargo for those seeking exceptional quality at fair prices, making it a potential favorite for premium cannabis products.

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