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Last updated on February 21st, 2024

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Weedpedia's Review

Last updated on February 21st, 2024

West Coast Supply Review: Premier Mail Order Marijuana

In our West Coast Supply review, we give you a comprehensive look at one of the top bulk MOM dispensaries in Canada, which has committed itself to deliver top-tier cannabis at the most competitive prices to Canadians over the years.

As longstanding customers of this dispensary, we’ve witnessed their consistent customer-first approach in action.

Their steadfast commitment to providing excellent products throughout the year is precisely why we’ve dubbed them the best bulk MOM in Canada for 2023 in our list of Canada’s top online dispensaries.

West Coast Supply’s impressive assortment of premium bulk cannabis, wholesale concentrates, and tasty edibles compromise neither quality nor price.

Choosing West Coast Supply for bulk purchases has allowed us to remain well-stocked with our preferred products all year round without straining our wallets.


Competitive Pricing
High-quality Products
Exceptional Customer Service

West Coast Supply Review – Top Bulk MOM in Canada 2023

Our West Coast Supply review delves into an impressive online bulk dispensary that offers substantial savings on cannabis strains, edibles, and concentrates for Canadians. Owing to their superior quality and commitment to their customers, we’ve awarded them the title of the best bulk MOM in Canada.

West Coast Supply Procures Cannabis From Local BC Growers

West Coast Supply sources their cannabis in wholesale quantities from some of the most reliable local growers in British Columbia, ensuring their customers enjoy these savings.
Their grassroots connections with cultivators and industry professionals, who have decades of cannabis cultivation experience, allow them to procure the highest quality cannabis at unbeatable prices. Their platform boasts some of the most competitive prices on bulk weed you can find online.

West Coast Supply Provides The Best Prices On Bulk Cannabis

Our in-depth West Coast Supply review outlines all the reasons we believe they’re the best bulk MOM in Canada. Their blend of dependability, quality cannabis, and rock-bottom prices make them a mail-order marijuana dispensary you’ll want to reorder from consistently.
Before diving into our full West Coast Supply review, we want to highlight their exceptional prices on ounces, QPs, HPs, and their deals on edibles and concentrates.

West Coast Supply offers some of the most budget-friendly prices on cannabis in Canada, along with discounts ranging from 5% to 25% off wholesale quantities on cannabis edibles and concentrates.

Note that all orders exceeding $150 also include free shipping.

West Coast Supply keeps prices so low that a coupon code isn’t necessary. However, we’ve got you covered to help you save even more on your first order.

Enter Our West Coast Supply Review Coupon Code “dispensarygta10” to Save 5%

West Coast Supply Sets A New Standard For Bulk MOMs Across Canada

We’ve observed this online dispensary consistently raising the bar by supplying Canadian consumers with excellent bulk cannabis at incredibly affordable wholesale prices. They offer an array of cannabis products suitable for every taste and budget, including bulk quads, budget buds, and quality affordable weed strains.

Enjoy Savings With West Coast Supply’s Bulk Mix & Match Discounts

One of our favourite features of West Coast Supply is their remarkable Mix & Match discounts for multiple ounces. Customers can easily take advantage of the bulk mix & match discounts by selecting anywhere from 2-7+ ounces from the multitude of strains they have in stock daily.
Use their Bulk Mix & Match Deals to Save Up To 25% Off Your Entire Order.

Once multiple ounces are added to the cart, an additional discount of 7.5% to 25% is applied off the already reduced bulk pricing at West Coast Supply.

New West Coast Supply Customer? Receive 40% OFF Ounce Mix & Match Pack

If you’re new to West Coast Supply, they offer a deal for newcomers where you can order a Mix and Match Ounce Pack at a 40% discount.
The ounce is comprised of eight 3.5-gram samples of their top flower for just $86.95, so you can sample for yourself and see why you should have been ordering the fairly priced, high-quality cannabis offered at this online cannabis dispensary all along.

Keep reading our West Coast Supply review to discover why they’re the best bulk MOM in Canada:

Our West Coast Supply Review:

Review of West Coast Supply’s Pink Tuna Strain: ($85/oz | $285/QP)

Our West Coast Supply review kicks off with the highly coveted Pink Tuna strain. This strain, which we had the pleasure of reviewing, was originally developed by cannabis breeders at 5-Star Organic, who crossbred the iconic Pink Kush and Tuna Kush strains to create the potent and renowned Pink Tuna strain.
This potent Indica hybrid from West Coast Supply is one of our favourites. We greatly enjoyed Pink Tuna’s potent effects and appreciated the incredible pricing currently offered, with an AAAA ounce priced at just $130. This 70% Indica and 30% Sativa blend combines the best of both worlds

Review of West Coast Supply’s Pink Tuna Strain

When it comes to potency, the Pink Tuna strain boasts a THC content hovering between 22-25%, with a CBD content of around 1%. We were instantly hit with a wave of relaxation after just a few puffs, making it an ideal strain for evening use or when you need to unwind.
The Pink Tuna strain from West Coast Supply features densely packed buds that are richly covered in trichomes and sticky resin. Its visual appeal is matched by its alluring aroma – a mix of dank skunk and fresh tuna, true to its name. Its flavor profile brings forward notes of sweet grape and spicy herbs, a truly unique taste that lingers on your palate.

Review of West Coast Supply’s Edibles:

West Coast Supply offers a delightful range of edibles that cater to every taste. We had the chance to sample some of their Gummy Bears, which are infused with THC. These gummies had a tasty sweet and tangy flavor, making them a deceptively delicious treat with a kick. Each bear had a THC content of 10mg, making dosing straightforward and easy to manage. We found these edibles to be effective for both recreational and therapeutic use, providing a mild cerebral high and deep relaxation.

Review of West Coast Supply’s Shatter:

We were equally impressed with West Coast Supply’s collection of shatters. We tried the God’s Green Crack shatter, a potent hybrid strain known for its balanced high. The shatter was transparent, amber, and brittle, showing its high quality. The effects were potent and immediate, providing an uplifting cerebral high, followed by a soothing body high. We found it to be an excellent product for stress relief and relaxation.

Customer Service at West Coast Supply

In addition to their top-tier products, West Coast Supply excels in customer service. They are known for their fast and discreet shipping and have a very responsive customer service team. They go above and beyond to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their purchase. This commitment to their customers is evident in their excellent customer reviews and high repeat customer rate.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for high-quality cannabis products at competitive bulk prices, West Coast Supply is an online dispensary worth considering. Their extensive product range, commitment to quality, excellent customer service, and competitive prices make them an excellent choice for any cannabis enthusiast. With our comprehensive West Coast Supply review, we’ve no doubt that you’re set to make an informed decision for your next bulk purchase.


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